Kara-Lis Coverdale

Canadian electronic artist and ex-church organist Kara-Lis Coverdale creates complex post-minimalist music, blending the boundaries of the acoustic and the digital. Her sound is subtle, but rich in detail and heavily layered. Thoroughly composed and highly conceptual - scores to her 2014 album A480 do not consist of notes, but information about the sources of audio texts, procedures and keywords - Kara’s work is inspired by the dangers of technology, post-humanism, the Internet, but also sacred music. Despite the processes behind it, her music is accessible and tonally reminiscent of ambient and new age, as evidenced on her most recent excellent EP Grafts, masterfully fusing the futuristic sound with contemporary composition. It comes as no surprise that she worked with fellow Canadian Tim Hecker on his acclaimed album Virgins, and that they have performed live together. Kara-Lis’s exclusive Adelaide performance is her first in Australia.