Welcome All Long Weekend Passes Holders! It’s Day Five of Unsound!

Oct 11

The Unsound Long Weekend starts today! A big welcome to all Long Weekend pass holders! Please remember that you have to exchange your pass for a wristband in our Festival Office at 2 Szczepańska Street. We’re open every day from noon to 6pm.

During the day, our massive discourse program continues in the Unsound Festival HQ. You can hear Andy Battaglia giving a presentation on presence in the context of art history; Emile Frankel in making music about the future; John Doran discussing mental health issues in the music industry with Jlin, Lotic and Eltron; Sam Rolfes presenting the 3D technology behind the Magna Surgat show; and Jay Springett giving a short talk about conspiracy theories. Entry to all the talks is free!

Over at Kino Pod Baranami, author and filmmaker Kristen Gallerneaux is giving a talk, after a screening of her short film The Hum, exploring the vibroacoustic effects of infrasound. Entry is is free - you can pick up a free ticket in the cinema. The second Kino Pod Baranami session includes Ranko Paukovic’s short 90 Seconds in North Korea, and Hao Wu’s The People’s Republic of Desire, about the Chinese obsession with livestreaming. This screening requires an additional ticket.

As on every day, you can experience Ephemera: Foris at 1:30pm, 3:00pm and 4:30pm. The shows require a separate ticket. You can also see and hear Mirosław Bałka’s a, e, i, o, u today, as well as Bartosz Zaskórski’s Monster. Entry is free. The Unsound meditation sessions also continue over at Mayura. They require an additional ticket.

The free afternoon show in Alchemia is a repeat performance of Satin Made of Triggers, by Kamil Szuszkiewicz, Teoniki Rożynek, and Antonina Nowacka, exploring connections between music and ASMR.

In the evening, Unsound returns to the illustrious halls of the famous medieval “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Buried deep underground, the ballroom will witness the first ever Polish show by minimalist music legend Terry Riley. The composer of In C and A Rainbow in Curved Air is performing alongside his son, Gyan, who plays guitar. Colombian artist Lucrecia Dalt will perform a spectral electroacoustic show based on her recent record Anticlines, while RRRKRTA will open with ambient music as the audience gradually enters. As it will take a long time to get everyone down, please try to be in Wieliczka as soon as the doors open, or you risk missing the start of the concert. Trains to Wieliczka leave from the Kraków Główny station at 17:03 and 18:04. There will be free buses to take you back to Hotel Forum after the show.

Please note that as it takes place in an underground salt mine, the event is not advisable for anyone suffering from claustrophobia, blood pressure issues or panic attacks. Remember to wear flat, comfortable shoes! Please also note that the event is sold out, there will be no tickets at the door.

Finally, the first Hotel Forum event of 2018 will host club music and beyond! The night features artists breaking the boundaries of industrial, noise, and techno music in The Ballroom; a mixture of new club music, African rhythms and footwork in The Chandelier Room; and the first Polish algorave - and more - in The Kitchen. Tickets are available at the festival office and will be available at the door.

You can find an update on the latest information on tickets to individual events on the Unsound website.