26.09 - 31.10, 11:00 - 19:00 // BUNKIER SZTUKI // 10 PLN

How to have empathy and imagine the lives of other people? Why is this so important in the face of the refugee crisis? These are some of the most important questions raised by Richard Mosse’s installation Incoming. Through Incoming, Richard Mosse looks at how we see the victims of the refugee crisis, people who are exiled, displaced and migrating. The artist uses military technology whose primary function is to dehumanise people, but in his hands the weapons-grade thermal camera becomes a tool to create empathetic imagination. “First, we need to imagine we’re in the other person’s place,” suggests Mosse. Incoming is created in collaboration with composer Ben Frost and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten. The installation is open throughout the festival, and is not included in the festival pass.

07.10 - 13.10, 14:00 - 17:00 // GRODZKA 43 // FREE

Ivan Seal is the painter behind the iconic covers of albums by The Caretaker. His works deal with memory, loss and decay, as well as the inside lives of objects. In this exhibition, Cukuwruums, Ivan will hang a number of paintings in an abandoned apartment in Krakow's Old Town, where the space itself and the items within it become part of the work, exploring the relationship between placed and found objects, foreground and background, as well as toying with the tension between maker and provider, author and interpreter. A special composition by The Caretaker will play on a basic sound system, further rupturing the line between sense and nonsense, creating a temporary place existing alongside and in relationship to The Caretaker's Unsound performance.

8.10, 16:00 - 18:00; 09.10 - 20.10, 12:00 - 18:00 // GRODZKA 43 // FREE

A group exhibition of site-specific artworks including installation, paintings and video, responding to the abandoned space of a former Bingo club - a crumbling, apocalyptic relic of post-89 transformation in the middle of the gentrified Old Town.Curated by Ania Batko and Aleksander Celusta of Henryk Gallery, the exhibition gathers works by some of the most interesting voices of Poland’s younger generation of artists, including Krzysztof Gil, Jakub Gliński, Martyna Kielesińska, Marta Krześlak and Bartosz Zaskórski. The exhibition is a part of the Kochanie, zrobiliśmy Czarnobyl program co-financed by the City of Kraków.

6.10 - 13.10, 12:00 - 18:00 // PURO KRAKÓW KAZIMIERZ // FREE

During communism in Poland, at a time when vinyl records were hard to get, sound postcards became extremely popular - a local version of flexi discs. The recording quality was low, but often they represented the only available possibility of having access to hit songs from The West. In the late 70s, the cards were replaced by cassette technology. The designs on the front of Sound Postcards include everything from random photographs to unique designs. For Unsound 2019, Rui Silva and Mat Schulz will present a selection of cards, revealing the forgotten artistic merit of these cards.

06.10 - 13.10, ∞ // JAK ZAPOMNIEĆ // FREE

David OReilly’s video game Everything is an interactive simulator of reality. It allows you to travel through the universe, seeing it from different points of view. You can be an insect, a mammal, a tree, a galaxy or even a cigarette butt, exploring the interdependence of… everything. Every object is aware of its existence, encouraging empathy and curiosity as you explore richly populated worlds. The game is narrated by philosopher Alan Watts, discussing the nature of being and life, and features music by Ben Lukas Boysen. As the game doesn’t need the player’s input, it will play itself continually during the festival, but you can join in at any moment (as long as the gallery is open).