Unseen: A Kazimierz Golfcart Metatour

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At first glance, Krakow’s district of Kazimierz feels like a paradise of trendy bars, cute cafes and classy restaurants emanating from the remnants of the city’s Jewish past. But there’s also a concealed Jewish Kazimierz, full of magnificent and tragic history, as well as a complicated present afflicted by gentrification, mass tourism and questionable representations of Jewish culture. FestivALT, a local Jewish arts collective, takes you on a unique critically-minded tour in a golf cart that will open the door to exploring the complications, nuances, and cultural confusion of contemporary Kazimierz.

Tours take place on October 10 - 13th, 10AM - 6PM.

Tour tickets can be purchased via Going.

The tours are not covered by any of the passes.